5 Essentials Every Beginner Fisherman Needs

Starting a new hobby or vocation is always an exciting time. Be it buying new clothes for university or getting that sofa right for your new home. Every purchase is important. When it comes to being a Fisherman this is no different! How do you know what to buy? How do you know what the main things are you need? As it is such a detailed thing to do just one thing you miss on the day could mean your fishing experience is spoiled. Let’s have a look at 5 essentials every beginner fisherman needs.

1. Fishing License

Before you get too ahead of yourself it is so important for you to have a Fishing Licence. This may seem obvious to some but there is a reason why there are big signs near water areas reminding people. Unless under the age of 16 accompanied by an adult you must obtain one of these licences. Make sure you go over all the regulations and rules and make it clear to yourself about bag limits and details about different species. If not this could be a bad starting point for any newbie.

2. Hard baits

As a beginner you may want to use live baits but that may not be for you. You may just want the experience of fishing without any of the messy stuff! If you do choose to take live it is also a good idea to take some hard baits as this will give you an option if you can’t attach the live bait properly. It will also attract fish without too much hard work.

3. A Rod, Reel, and Line

One of the most obvious if not the most obvious is the fishing rod! You have to make sure you choose the right one for you. Have a think about the environment you will be going to. Do your research on how big or small the fish are and if you need a sturdy rod. It is also a good idea to pack an extra line as if your line snaps for any reason at least you know you have backup.

4. Hooks

Such a small thing but so essential! Imagine you have everything arranged you have your sandwich box filled and you set off for your fist experience of fishing. Then you realise you have nothing to actually catch your fish with! You can throw the line in all day long but if you don’t have a hook on the end there will be no catch.

5. Bobbers

As a beginner you may not be able to judge if anything has attached to your hook and you may have a catch and not even know it. That is where bobbers come in; it enables the fisherman to know when you are getting bites from a fish. When the fish bites the bobber sinks and then you will know it is time to reel the line in. This is how to get the perfect first catch.

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