Different Types of Fishing Rods

We all know that rods are essential to fishing and with the market quickly growing sometimes it is impossible to know which one to choose. There are so many varieties and prices that even beginners need to know the facts of which fishing rod to buy. It is important that you know the environment that you want to fish in before you make the purchase as that defines which one to choose. From the lake to the sea there are options and many people use the wrong fishing rod leading them to think that they are no good at fishing which is not true at all! Let’s have a look at the different types of fishing rods.

History of fishing rods

The use of Fishing rods can be traced back to even Egyptian times and has developed ever since then. When the art of Fly fishing became popular (which is a special method of using fake flies made out of feather and other materials to make the fishing rod more attractive to fish) There were more recordings about fishing rods and from around 1662 rods became a well known part of the fishing scene.

Types of fishing rods

Most things that have transitioned in the modern world have had significant upgrades and fishing rods are no exception. There have been so many improvements and adjustments made that people now have a clear cut choice in what fishing rod they would like to purchase. The variety is there for all types of fishermen.

1. Fly Rods
The most convenient thing about fly rods is that they are petite and light in weight. They are made for fly fishing which is a popular choice. They are perfect for allowing the fisherman to gently glide without any difficulty. They are a great choice for beginners.

2. Casting Rods
If you want accuracy and you are not just hoping for the best casting rods are the best choice. They allow you to be direct and secure the bait. In the past they were sold as two different things as the bait or the spin rod but as they have become more advanced they have merged into one.

5. Sea Fishing Rod
For the more adventurous fisherman who wants to venture far to the sea fishing rod is ideal. They can be used on boats and are also long enough for use on ships. They are perfect to secure even the fighting fish and have the durability to work in the ocean.

Trolling Rods

If you like the styles of fishing where you capture the fish and move it with the boat then advancements have been made. It was only possible to do this method using rods that were not suitable for this action. Now trolling rods are available to everyone it makes the experience more complete. They work especially well with larger fish as they keep the control and allow you to move it to the destination you desire.

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